The following guide may be used as an approximate international sizing comparison:

Frett International Sizing Chart


Caring for Your Frett Knitwear

Because Merino and Cashmere wools have natural sweat-repelling and odor-preventing properties, it is sufficient to wash your knits infrequently or only when necessary.

Follow these steps to preserve your knitwear’s quality and appearance and help maintain its new look for longer.



Items that may be washed (as opposed to only dry cleaning) should be hand-laundered in clean, lukewarm water (approximately 30°C) using a mild and gentle detergent. Allow knitwear to soak for about 10 minutes before rinsing thoroughly first in lukewarm water, and then in cold water.

We highly recommend laundering your knitwear inside-out; this will protect the clothing’s outer surface, and help maintain its new look for longer.

All our knitwear is manufactured to a very high colour fastness to minimise the risk of colour bleeding or fading; however it is recommended to launder dark and pale garments separately.

Also, to avoid the possibility of colour transfer from one garment to another, after washing never leave wet garments stacked up on one another, for any length of time.

 To avoid any shrinkage or distortion, avoid any excessive agitation by excessive squeezing or wringing of the sweater by hand.

Avoid using heavy duty detergents, “Bio” detergents containing enzymes, or any detergents containing bleaches. Never use bleach, either chlorine or oxygen based.

 Final rinse softeners or conditioners may be used, but care should be taken to keep the amount to a minimum. Excessive amount of softener can lead to the formation of pills during subsequent washes - this is because softeners tend to act as a lubricant and enable fibres to move out onto the surface of the sweater more easily.



After washing, it is recommended to flat-dry your knitwear. To do this, it is recommended that the items are placed flat on a pale or white clean towel. Avoid direct or strong sunlight or heat.



If ironing is required, set your iron to the “wool” setting, or medium-low. Take care not to use too hot a setting to avoid damage to the clothing.

Lay the knitwear flat and carefully reshape gently by hand. Steaming is recommended; otherwise you may spray the garment with a little water before applying the iron.

Do not apply undue pressure as this will lead to the surface of the sweater becoming shiny.

Never leave the iron to stand for any length of time on the garment as this can result in scorching.

After ironing, lay the sweater flat on a smooth surface for a few minutes before folding, to avoid creasing. Do not use spray-on starch, and it is advisable to avoid the use of spray-on softeners or conditioners as these can lead to the presence of deposits on your knitwear.



Knitwear should be stored flat in a folded manner, rather than storing on a hanger which can lead to stretching of the garment and deformation around the garment’s shoulders.



Pilling is a natural effect of soft luxury yarns such as cashmere, and is caused during wear by friction created by the soft surface hairs rubbing against each other. This creation of pills generally only occurs during the first few wears, and hand-washing and combing with a cashmere or pilling comb should easily remove these pills from the knit’s surface.