Meticulously Designed Knitwear Made With Luxurious Fibres

Frett is a designer knitwear studio that emphasises timeless design, fine materials and responsible production in limited quantities.

Our slow-made collections are comprised of minimalistic, effortless pieces that entwine simplicity with attention to detail, while celebrating natural materials and their unique properties. Our knits are versatile and easy to style, designed to serve you from morning 'til night, all-year-round. 


We play by our own rules, pursuing the ideals we believe in. We don’t abide by the fast-paced, ever-changing, reckless timelines and guidelines that dictate so much of the fashion industry today. We take all the time we need to design, plan and execute each piece that we create, treating each as an individual piece to be perfected for every day wear, and made to last for years ahead.

We respect the people who make our knitwear and the planet too. That’s why we work with fair wage factories, use renewable and biodegradable materials and minimize waste by knitting true-to-shape wherever possible.